Getin Noble Bank (GNB)

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Current report 36/2012

The Management Board of Get Bank S.A. (the „Issuer”) hereby informs that today, i.e. on 10 May 2012 it has taken knowledge that the Polish Financial Supervision Authority declared the equivalence of the form and content of the Information Memorandum of the Issuer with those required in the prospectus. The Information Memorandum was drawn up in connection with the public issuance of the ordinary bearer shares I series by the Issuer and the Issuer’s intention to apply for admission to public trading on the regulated market of the Issuer’s bearer shares I series (with Noble Securities S.A. with its registered office in Cracow as the Offeror). The Information Memorandum shall be published on 15 May 2012 at 10 a.m. in electronic version on the Issuer’s website at under Investor Relations/Get Bank on stock exchange as well as on the website of the Brokerage House of Noble Securities S.A. at The above decision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority is the fulfillment of the next condition necessary to register the merger of the Issuer with Getin Noble Bank S.A. in accordance with the Merger Plan presented in the Issuer’s Current report 19/2012 dated 7 February 2012. The Issuer shall inform on the fulfillment of the last condition necessary to register the merger in the form of a current report. LEGAL BASIS: Art. 56 (1)(1) of the Act on public offering and conditions of introducing financial instruments to organized trading system and on public companies (Journal of Laws of 2005 No. 184, item 1539, later amended).