Getin Noble Bank (GNB)

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Current report number 12/2009


Management Board’s report on the merger of Noble Bank SA and Getin Bank SA .

In response to a large number of enquiries received following the publication of a report on the merger of Noble Bank S.A. and Getin Bank S.A. (Current Report 10/2009, 29 January 2009), please be advised that all the information contained in the report concern a merger between two banks, i.e. Noble Bank S.A., a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A. and Getin Bank S.A., not GETIN Holding S.A.
According to the information provided in the report, the ratio for exchanging shares in Getin Bank into Merger Issue Shares is 1:2.85. This means that shareholders in Getin Bank S.A. will receive 2.85 shares in Noble Bank S.A., each with the nominal value of PLN 1.00, for each 1 (one) share in Getin Bank S.A. (not Getin Holding S.A.), each with the nominal share of PLN 1.35. As a result, Getin Bank’s shareholders will receive 738,584,941 Merger Issues Shares in exchange for 259,152,611 shares in Getin Bank S.A.
As at 31 December 2008, Noble Bank S.A.’s balance sheet total was PLN 5.6 billion and Getin Bank S.A.’s balance sheet total was PLN 23.6 billion.

Management Board of Noble BANK S.A.